NV200 WAV Conversion

    • Wheelchair – Patient Transport – Taxi
    • V.C.A Tested and M1 Approved
    • Based on the 2010 International Van of the Year the new Nissan NV 200 is a perfect option for active families and wheelchair users. Despite it being a boxy van with windows the aerodynamic front end looks really smart and stylish. Available as a passenger wheelchair conversion this model has lots of room for 3 people on the rear seats and a wheelchair. The vehicle seems to be small from the outside but is very spacious inside.
    • Thanks to its internal dimensions it is able to accommodate a medium-sized wheelchair and its occupant. Moreover, tinted glass in rear windows provides an increased level of privacy for the passengers on the second row seats and for the wheelchair compartment. The location of the wheelchair compartment guarantees the wheelchair occupant perfect visibility to the front as well as to the both sides.
    • An easy-to-operate ramp with automatic bright internal lights makes loading and securing the wheelchair simple even at night. Four-point restraint system with three-point occupant’s seatbelts guarantees the safety of the wheelchair occupant. Thanks to the optional winch, fitted centrally under the second seat row, loading the wheelchair is easy and effortless. The finishing of the low load floor with high-quality, anti-slip, light grey lino and plastic trims on both sides makes the maintenance easy and quick.
    • NV200 wheelchair conversion is available in two options: with five seats and the open space for the wheelchair or with seven seats in saloon area where the wheelchair can be loaded after folding two seats in the third row.
    • NV200 is powered by 1.5-litre common-rail turbo diesel 85 PS engine with a healthy 200 Nm of torque from 2,000 rpm. Because the five speed gearbox and final drive has sensible ratios it is flexible and responsive throughout the rpm range. Top speed is 98 mph and the 0-62 mph acceleration takes 12 seconds. The van is very efficient and green with its combined cycle fuel economy of 53.3 mpg and CO2 emissions of 139 g/km.
    • Because the NV200 is built on a car platform the ride comfort and handling is very good as is the vehicle agility and small turning circle. It is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces and nimble on the open road.
    • This vehicle is good to look at, easy to use, easy to live with and practical so it ticks many boxes, especially for the wheelchair user and their family.